Crush2Cellar Founder Terry Sherwood Celebrates 25 Years Working with Oregon Wineries

Thursday, April 21, 2022
Newberg, Oregon – April 13, 2021 – Crush2Cellar, the Willamette Valley’s one-stop-shop for premium winery  supplies, is excited to announce that this year, owner and founder Terry Sherwood is celebrating 25 years of  working with and supporting the local Oregon wine community.

Terry and the C2C team work directly with wineries of all sizes to provide everything from yeast, bacteria,  nutrients, and tannins; to cleaning and cellar supplies, tanks, fittings, valves, hoses, and a comprehensive  selection of lab equipment and chemicals.  

This year marks Terry’s 25-year anniversary of working in the Oregon wine industry, where he is a fixture and  widely known throughout the local wine community. Born of his passion, experience and knowledge, Terry  decided to open a store that would make essential winemaking products easily accessible for the community he  cares so much about. In 2015, Terry along with his son Tyler and colleague Danielle Koepke, opened Crush2Cellar  in Newberg, OR. In 2018, they were joined by Terry’s daughter Caylee.

  • 1996 – Terry started his career in the wine industry delivering nitrogen, argon, and CO2 to local wineries. After gaining initial traction, he was curious to find out what else he could do to help. Terry’s first customer was Michael Stevenson at Panther Creek Cellars, supplying 2–4-foot shelves of fittings and valves. Realizing that the community lacked a designated location for local wineries to get the products they needed quickly and easily, Terry reached out to local winemakers to discover what products they had a demand for in McMinnville. 
  • 1997 – Terry expanded his product offerings by bringing in a stock of cellar chemicals.
  • 1998 – Terry’s portfolio expanded further with fermentation supplies. 
  • 1999 – Terry began providing lab supplies and small equipment, including bottling equipment, pumps, small crushers and destemmers. 
  • 2002 – Terry received the Oregon Winegrowers Association’s Dedicated Service Member award.
  • 2014 – Terry was recognized by the Oregon Wine Walk of Fame awards on behalf of Davison Winery Supplies. 
  • 2015 – Terry teamed up with ETS Laboratories to open Crush2Cellar at their Newberg location, co located with ETS Labs to offer sample testing and analysis for local winery customers.
  • 2021 – Terry and ETS Labs renovated C2C’s brick and mortar store to create a better, modernized shopping experience for local customers. 
Over the years, Terry has cultivated close relationships with the industry’s leading vendors and suppliers, and  with winemakers throughout the Willamette Valley. He is a valued member of the community and has dedicated  his career to helping local winemakers produce the highest quality wines.

Terry Sherwood comments, “This is a huge milestone and one that I am exceptionally proud of. I am deeply  embedded in and committed to this community, and it’s been a joy to watch the Willamette Valley wine country  grow and evolve over the years. My vision when we opened Crush2Cellar was to help local winemakers achieve  their goals. Their success is our success, and I’m extremely grateful to have developed such close ties with  Oregon’s wineries of all shapes and sizes.”