AEB Arabinol

Stabilizer consisting of purified gum arabic.

When added to wines, Arabinol slows down aggregation of crystals of tartrates. It also diminishes the perception of astringency and bitter tannins and adds persistency. It can be used on whites and reds when there is a need to improve viscosity. Because Arabinol has one of the biggest polysaccharide molecules commercially available, it is exceptionally viscous and “sweet”. It is very important to run bench trials against other products in order to calibrate dosage and flavor. When added to sparkling wines, Arabinol improves the finesse of the perlage. In young red and rose wines, it improves color stability.

Suitable for hard seltzer production, Arabinol is a blend of selected arabic gums that can provide a great contribution to the sensory profile of seltzers, increasing perceived mouthfeel and sweetness without adding calories and improving bubble stability.

Technical Data Sheet