Filter Media

Media for every commonly used style of filter in the wine industry. Shop our range of filter sheets, cartridges, lenticular modules, and more.

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O Rings 222 Fda Silicone
Item No. 2-222-S500
O Rings 226 Fda Silicone
Item No. 2-226-S500
KS80 (0.8U) 60x60
Item No. 6360005
K150 (1.5U) 60x60
Item No. 6360007
K250 (2.5U) 60x60
Item No. 6360009
K300 (3.0-4.0U) 60x60
Item No. 6360010
K700 (5.0-7.0U) 60x60
Item No. 6360011
K800 (8.0U) 60x60
Item No. 6360012
K900 (9.0-10U) 60x60
Item No. 6360013
Beco Filter Sheets, 40X40
Item No. BECOPAD40
From: $56.00 See Options
From: $65.00 See Options