Harvest Checklist

Crush2Cellar is the one-stop-shop for all your winemaking needs. Our in-house experts have curated this checklist of all the recommended products, tools and to-do's your winemaking team can use to help ensure a successful 2021 harvest - from preparation to production. To receive a copy of our complete checklist with additional items and pro tips, fill in the form below and we'll email your checklist to you directly. Happy harvest!


  • Order non-perishable harvest supplies
    • Shopping list:
    • Oak barrels for oak chips for fermentation
    • Staves and cubes
    • Tannins
  • Run QC on your hoses and fittings
    • To-do list:
    • Check overhaul quality
    • Look for leaks
    • Check your forklift for signs of aging/tire damage
    • Check your fittings
    • Make sure you have enough water hoses
    • Check glycol levels


  • Run QC on your winemaking equipment – check for leaks, oil levels, and alignment. Grease nozzles, clean your machines, and service your equipment.
    • Pressure washers
    • Crush Pads
    • Presses
    • Pumps


  • Order cleaning tools
  • Check regulators and scales
  • Order enzymes
  • Order yeast and yeast nutrients
  • Order your malolactic bacteria
  • Order bulk chemical
  • Update your wine analysis/lab equipment


  • Take inventory and order any emergency items
  • Have harvest problems? Give us a call!

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