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Quality Cork and Closures for all of your Winemaking Needs

Crush2Cellar is proud to carry the highest quality corks, custom and stock closures from Scott Labs and their suppliers. Whether you’re looking for natural cork, screw caps or tin capsules, we’ve got you covered with local complementary delivery, direct shipping or in-store pickup.

ScottPlus™ Dry-Steam Natural Cork

ScottPlus Natural Cork

The Clean Cork with a Clear Promise – delivered at scale with the Scott Labs’ legendary promise of quality and integrity. Individual Inspection is combined with Dry-Steam technology to improve cork quality at scale and with greater reliability than any individual inspection alone.

Meet ScottPlus™—clean, natural cork processed and delivered at scale with the Scott Laboratories legendary promise of quality and integrity.

Two-Step Dry-Steam Process:

Each cork is run through thermal/warming-sensory heat tunnels that quickly and effectively volatize aromatic compounds. Corks from Step 1 are run through Scott Labs’ Dry-Steam process which improves upon the lot neutrality and significantly reduces TCA.

Amcor Screw Caps & Tin Capsules

STELVIN is the industry’s leading brand for custom and stock screw caps. Stock screw caps and Amcor’s tin capsules in multiple colors are ready and available for purchase. Looking for something more customized for your brand? Custom screw caps and tin are a great way to bring your brand to the forefront from top to bottom.

Custom Packaging Examples
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Sparkling Wine Closures

Bottle your bubbles with quality closures. We’re proud to carry ICAS wirehoods and Relvas sparkling wine corks from Scott Labs in an array of stock colors, or customized designs to help tell each winery’s unique story.

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